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Auditors’ term of office and duration of the Lead Auditor’s responsibilities

On a proposal tabled by the Board of Directors, the Shareholders’ General Meeting on 16 May 2018 appointed, in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO), PricewaterhouseCoopers SA as external auditors for the Bank.
The Board of Directors also appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers SA as auditing firm in conformity with Swiss Federal Laws on Financial Market Supervision and on Banks & Savings Banks for the 2018 financial year.

Omar Grossi, an expert auditor licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), has been Lead Auditor since the 2016 financial year.

In compliance with CO Article 730a, para. 2, pertaining to the standard audit process, the Lead Auditor may undertake this role for a maximum of seven years.

Auditors’ fees for financial and regulatory audits

The fees and expenses charged by the external auditors for the 2018 financial year totalled CHF 370,790.74.

Auditors’ fees for sundry other services provided

Additional fees and expenses charged for the 2018 financial year totalled CHF 5,336.30.

Information tools concerning the external auditor

The external auditors provide the Board of Directors with a detailed report for each financial year containing findings relating to compilation of the accounts, the internal auditing system and implementation and outcomes of the audits. Every year, the Board of Directors evaluates the qualifications, independence and performance of the external auditor. It approves the fees relating to fulfilment of the mandates for the external auditor. The Audit Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors, monitors and assesses the efficiency of the external auditor. The Audit Committee discusses with the Lead Auditor the state of the Bank’s in-house auditing and monitoring systems as well as their suitability for the Bank’s risk profile. The external auditors may at all times attend Audit Committee meetings. During the 2018 financial year, the external auditor took part in the six Audit Committee meetings convened in the year. The external auditor also participated in three Board of Directors meetings.


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