About BCVS Investors

Information disclosure policy

Banque Cantonale du Valais pursues a policy of being transparent in its disclosure of information to its shareholders, its clients, the capital markets and the public at large.Its management reports, its annual results press conference and press release for its half-year results are regarded as the principal channels for providing information.

Moreover, topical news and events are reported in occasional press releases.Moreover, Banque Cantonale du Valais employs a whole array of different media to deliver relevant and specific information to its various business partners and stakeholders:its shareholders, the general public, its staff, the financial community, its clients, etc.

As a limited company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, BCVs is also subject to the SIX Directive on Ad Hoc Publicity (reporting of events).This Directive details the obligation of listed companies to disclose potentially price-sensitive facts.The purpose of such ad hoc disclosures is to ensure that the public is provided with true, clear and comprehensive information about key events arising in the course of listed companies’ business operations.

In compliance with these provisions, BCVs’ information disclosure policy is predicated on the principle of equal and equitable treatment of those to whom the information is being conveyed.It is thus scrupulous in its commitment to disseminating information in keeping with this precept so as to guarantee that all market participants can become aware, on the same conditions, of facts or events liable to influence BCVs’ share price.

In this respect, the Bank provides on its Website (www.bcvs.ch/www.wkb.ch) the opportunity for anyone interested to sign up to an email list so that they can receive, free of charge and in timely fashion, information that might be price-sensitive for the shares.This email Newsletter also provides the Bank with an opportunity to send out general information about its business and activities. 


  • Annual Report
    In its Annual Report, BCVs provides an update reporting on how it has been seeking to fulfil the mission which the legislators have entrusted it with.The Annual Report is available to shareholders from all the Bank’s outlets and at the AGM.It may also, upon request, be posted to those interested.It can also be consulted on the Bank’s Website at www.bcvs.ch/www.wkb.ch.
  • Letters to Shareholders
    At least two letters are sent out to shareholders per financial year:one in April with the publication of annual financial accounts and one in August in conjunction with the reporting of the Bank’s half-year figures.Depending on what happens, further letters may be sent out.As well as making these letters available at its outlets, BCVs sends out personalised letters to shareholders whose shares are deposited in a BCVs’ securities account.

Shareholders events

  • General Meeting
    According to article 17 of the articles of association, the notice and agenda of the General Meeting are published at least twenty days before the day of the meeting in the official bulletin of the canton of Valais and in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC). This notice is also published in some local daily and other newspapers in the canton of Valais. Furthermore, all known shareholders receive notice by personal mail.

  • Regional meetings with shareholders
    Every autumn, two regional meetings with shareholders are held in the Haut-Valais and French-speaking Valais regions.These provide the Bank’s corporate bodies with an opportunity to report on strategic aspects, pass comment on the half-year results and to present a statement on the full-year outlook.

Website (www.bcvs.ch/www.wkb.ch)

The ‘Corporate Governance’ pages on the Bank’s Website provide shareholders with a variety of useful information:press releases, annual and half-year results, events, legislation, articles of incorporation.In addition, shareholders also have the option to order or subscribe to publications from the Bank as well as to the emailed Newsletter.