Key figures Key figures over the last five years
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Key figures

Balance 31 December
(in thousands of francs) 
Balance-sheet total 16'121'72915’566’415
Client loans 12'280'93811’646’392
Client deposits9’858’2899’543’905
Equity capital (before distribution)1'369'0181'323'306
Total value of securities in custody accounts8’473’9528’906’333
Income statement
(in thousands of francs)  
Net interest income 165’782160’307
Net income from commissions and service fees39’99939’433
Net income from trading and fair value option26’87628’706
Other ordinary income9’5828’757
Operating costs-111’458-114’288
Value adjustments on shareholdings, depreciation on tangible and intangible assets-9'785-11'003
Changes in provisions and other value adjustments, losses-4'985639
Operating profit/loss116’011112’552
Profit for the financial year67'07764’049
Total workforce  
As full-time equivalents (FTEs)470,6464,1
Ratios (as a %)  
Ratio relative to core Tier 1 capital (CET1)17,517,8
Ratio relative to core CET1 + additional Tier 1 capital (Tier 1)17,517,8
Ratio relative to core capital that can be included in total capital (Tiers 1 and 2)17,517,8
Cost/income ratio (before depreciation)46,048,2
Cost/income ratio (after depreciation)50,152,8