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Awards and certifications

BCVs holds awards in recognition of its standards of quality management (ISO 9001), its concern over its impact on the environment (ISO 14001) and its drive to lessen this (Swiss Climate CO2Optimised), and its effectiveness and good citizenship (Valais Excellence). The Bank endeavours tirelessly to ensure it maintains the demanding standards to retain its certifications, which are regularly reassessed.

    • Swiss Climate

      Eighth Swiss Climate award

      Banque Cantonale du Valais was awarded the Swiss Climate certificate for the eighth time. It successfully renewed its certification under the Swiss Climate CO2Optimised category, first awarded back in 2012. This certificated award, based on the ISO 14064-1 and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol Corporate standards, bears testament to the reduction in the Bank’s emissions together with its ongoing efforts and investments to achieve this goal. This recognition, awarded by Swiss Climate SA in Berne and verified by the independent external auditing firm of CC-Carbon Credits LLC, stands as a hallmark of BCVs’ active sustainability strategy and its tangible commitment to protecting the environment.


      BCVs set itself the goal of cutting CO2 emissions per employee by 25% in the ten years from 2010 to 2020. It had already surpassed this target by end-2017, as it had slashed CO2 emissions per employee by 31% compared to 2010 levels. It accomplished this feat at a time when expansion in BCVs’ business operations has led to an increase in both the number of employees and its business surface area in square metres.

      Commuter journeys (47%), self-evidently associated with the Valais canton’s particular topography, remain the biggest source of CO2 emissions, followed by heating (38%), business trips (7%) and paper & mailings (5%). Electricity, cooling products, water and waste together account for 3% of total carbon emissions. CO2 emissions from electricity use have been drastically cut back, by 88% in one year, by securing a considerable proportion of its power supplied from renewable electricity produced locally.

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    • Certification ISO

      ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification

      BCVs has been ISO9001:2015 - and ISO14001:2015 -certified since 2009. The ISO9001:2015 international standard stipulates requirements for quality management systems. It is firmly established as the standard applicable worldwide for quality assurance with a view to increasing customer satisfaction in client-supplier business relationships. The notion covered by the term ‘quality management’ encompasses those efforts that a company makes to meet customers’ quality demands and comply with applicable regulatory provisions; all these processes and procedures must be measured against the yardstick of customer satisfaction and ongoing progress in a company’s performance in attaining its goals. The ISO14001:2015 international standard lays down requirements for environmental management systems. This covers management tools and apparatus that enable a business to pinpoint and control the impact that its operations, products and services have on the environment. Moreover, it offers the possibility of implementing a systematic approach towards setting environmental goals, achieving these and demonstrating that they have been attained.

      (ISO: International Organization for Standardization)

    • Label Valais excellence

      Valais Excellence hallmark

      Banque Cantonale du Valais was first awarded the Valais Excellence label in 2009. It is the only bank in Valais to have been recognised with this award. In 2016, Banque Cantonale du Valais was re-awarded the Valais Excellence certificate for the third time. The awarding of this label, valid for three years, is based on the new ISO standards, ISO 9001:2015 (quality management systems) and ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management systems), introduced in late 2015. These standards place particular emphasis on the implementation of processes (performance indicators), knowledge management (know-how), strengthening of risk-adjusted approaches and taking account of the certified company’s sphere of business. BCVs is the first universal bank in Switzerland to be granted this certification based on the new standards.

      In addition, certification requires the business to fulfil exacting criteria imposed by the Valais Excellence awarding body through good citizenship commitments shown towards Valais and its inhabitants. The Valais Excellence label was created as a mark of distinction for the most effective and citizen-geared Valais companies, observing their social and environmental roles, and keen to strive towards constantly improving their products and services. 

      This certification is audited by the Swiss Association for Quality & Management Systems (SQS), an independent standards certification agency based in Berne. Banque Cantonale du Valais is one of 184 Valais-based companies that are members of AEVEX (Association of Valais Excellence Businesses) who are committed to effective, sustainable and responsible management.

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