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BCVs contributes to economic development in Valais

Banque Cantonale du Valais is the bank for businesses. Its role in the development of the economic fabric of the Canton of Valais is enshrined in the cantonal law governing Banque Cantonale du Valais’ activities; this stipulates that “the Bank should contribute towards the harmonious development of the Valais economy within the prudential limitations inherent in the banking industry”.

Driven by this mission entrusted to it by the Valais legislators, BCVs is the preferred banking partner for business (small and mid-sized commercial and industrial businesses, larger companies, etc.), the self-employed, professionals and public-sector bodies and agencies. Its strategy for business and corporate customers is geared towards quality and targeted expansion, while planning, where required, specific and ongoing support and assistance for any businesses struggling on account of the economic climate.

Being solidly anchored and inextricably involved in the economic livelihood of Valais, BCVs is committed to working with start-up businesses, especially those in the field of new technologies or high-value-added sectors. Its actions enable it to contribute not only to maintaining existing jobs but also to the creation, development and growth of new companies, primarily in sectors conducive to innovation. To this end, the Bank maintains a personal relationship with each economic stakeholder including entrepreneurs, professional associations, economic development agencies, institutions and politicians.

A partner to be trusted

BCVs fulfils the vital role accorded to it under Valais cantonal legislation by formulating an active lending policy for businesses as well as for public-sector agencies and authorities. Its local presence, its cantonal roots and the professionalism of its staff provide BCVs with excellent knowledge about the economic conditions for small and mid-sized businesses. The Bank’s role is not to replace the entrepreneur or business manager, but to act as a reliable and trusted partner providing its banking and financial expertise. The combination of an entrepreneur’s determination to succeed and solutions, especially financial, put forward by the Bank contributes towards a project proving a success for both partners.

The business bank and the bank for the economy

BCVs genuinely fulfils the role of being the “business bank” in and for the Canton of Valais. This link with business is further strengthened by the binding mission to foster the cantonal economy as laid down in the relevant cantonal legislation. As of 31 December 2017, BCVs had 5,059 incorporated companies and businesses as clients, a marked increase for the year of 4.3% or 209 firms. Since end-2009, 1,300 extra businesses have become BCVs customers, a 34.6% increase. These firms have contracted loans from BCVs totalling CHF 1.855 billion. Those facts and figures bear witness to the Bank’s strength, including during harder economic times, giving proof of its commitment to small and mid-sized Valais businesses. 

Monitoring, informing, supporting

For BCVs, advising and supporting companies also involves informing, discussing, guiding and alerting: in short, working together with businesses. BCVs is also active in the field of economic information intended for companies. Monitoring economic developments, publishing economic indicators and organising theme-based conferences are tangible ways in which BCVs supports small and mid-sized businesses to cope with the constant shifts in market conditions or the legislative and regulatory framework.

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