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Portrait of BCVS

Banque Cantonale du Valais (BCVs), a public limited company, is listed on the Swiss stock exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange.
It provides a range of services as a universal bank and contributes towards the smooth and balanced development of the Valais economy within the limits of the applicable prudential rules and regulations. 


Banque Cantonale du Valais was founded in 1917. After operating as a stand-alone public-sector entity, BCVs converted to a public limited company in 1993, opening up a portion of its share capital to the general public. It was the first cantonal bank in Switzerland to ‘go public’ in this way. After its share capital was restructured, all of the BCVs registered shares have been listed on the stock exchange since 12 May 2016.


One of the missions entrusted to BCVs by the canton’s legislators is to contribute towards the smooth and balanced development of the Valais economy. BCVs has always stood side by side with those living and working in the Canton of Valais during the metamorphosis that has seen the region of yesteryear, one that was primarily agriculture-based and restricted by its topography, being transformed into a canton with the diversified and innovative economy of today, located at the hub of a European and global skills network.

BCVs’ identity and positioning are embodied in its solid roots in the canton and the development of its range of local services. As one of the biggest 100%-Valais companies, BCVs counts skills and sustainability as priority commitments.

BCVs is one of the few Valais-based limited companies listed on SIX Swiss Exchange and has adopted corporate governance principles that are fully compliant with the sector’s demanding standards. Banque Cantonale du Valais has the benefit of being underpinned by a State guarantee. This guarantee, whole and unrestricted, with the exception of subordinated liabilities, covers all assets held by clients with BCVs (personal accounts, savings, time deposits, 3rd pillar pension accounts and medium-term notes issued by BCVs).


Banque Cantonale du Valais pursues a corporate strategy fully consistent with its specific characteristics. BCVs’ disciplined approach to management, based on modern precepts of corporate governance, is tangible, for instance, in the constant control exerted over risks and costs. As part of its business goals, the Bank strives to generate quality growth and optimal profitability so as to deliver sustainable profits. This quality-driven expansion strategy aims to safeguard the Bank’s financial longevity, cover risks inherent in business operations, set aside adequate reserves, guarantee an appropriate return on capital available and, lastly, provide jobs.Risk-taking and risk management form an integral part of the Bank’s business activities and, in the BCVs’ view, optimum risk management is a key factor of its success. BCVs’ staff constitute an essential resource. The Bank’s employees have consistently demonstrated their entrepreneurial drive. Each employee in their respective area of activity is responsible for the business affairs of their Bank. Everyone in the Bank today is required to deliver added value which comes in the form of a positive attitude, imagination and the formulation of original solutions: in a nutshell, our staff are keen, creative and involved.


With its balance sheet totalling CHF 16.568 billion, BCVs has a linchpin role in the Valais banking sector with a market share of approximately 30%. As of 31 December 2019, its workforce (full-time and part-time staff) numbered some 542, making it one of the flagship employers in the canton. BCVs undertakes retail banking, wealth management (for individual as well as institutional customers) and business banking. It has built up an extensive network of branches spread throughout the Canton of Valais and can offer its customers the full range of up-to-the-minute digital services. Regionally, its operating business is split up into five areas: Haut-Valais (literally Upper Valais), Sierre, Sion, Martigny and Monthey.9CONSISTENT AND RELEVANT STRATEGY

Asset quality, cost containment, consolidation and diversification of its income streams, risk management and strengthening of its capital form the strategic framework of BCVs. In terms of its operating business, the Bank aims to maintain and improve its profitability, enhance the quality of its business volume and efficiently steer the transition of the Bank into the digital era.