Retail Banking

Retail Banking

Retail banking

Within Banque Cantonale du Valais, retail banking covers the needs of natural personswith assets lower than CHF 200,000.-, selfemployedpersons as well as free-lancers. This segment of retail customers represents the most important part of its clientele. Banque Cantonale du Valais is permanently updating its range of products and services, which is as vast as it is varied. BCVs devotes itself to providing high-performance solutions to the major concerns of its customers:

  • the handling of daily transactions
  • the financing of projects
  • the wish to safeguard one's future
  • the wish to make one's capital yield a profit 

Firmly rooted in its home canton and endowed with an extensive sales network, BCVs knows its clients and its setting very well indeed. It is able to provide customers with individual and personalised assistance in arranging financing, asset management, financial planning as well as private and occupational pension planning. The success of its approach is not solely due to its solid physical presence, but also stems from its unremitting drive to achieve operating excellence and provide a comprehensive range of appropriate services to meet all sorts of demands.

Mortgage loans

BCVs offers a variety of products to finance the purchase or construction of primary or secondary residences as well as attractive fixed or variable interest rates according to the objectives of its customers.