Retail Banking e-banking


Your profile

  • individual having the requisite computing hardware and an Internet link
  • account-holder for BCVs account services

Your wishes

  • to consult your banking and securities accounts online
  • to make your payments quickly
  • to file and check on payments made
  • secure Internet access via our Website
  • opportunity to consult your banking and securities accounts online at all times
  • online booking of payments and transferring of files
  • software needed for making offline payments (free for PC or MAC)


Minimum IT hard- and software requirements advisable for use of BCVs’ e-banking facilities:

  • Pentium PC, 32MB RAM, with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Mac OSX
  • Internet browser 128-bit encryption minimum: IE 6.0, Firefox 1.5, Safari 2.0 (Firefox 2.0 and IE 7.0)
  • Analogue modem with minimum 33,600bps speed, digital modem or access to broadband/TV/cable network
  • Un accès auprès d'un fournisseur Internet


  • No charge made for this service


  • BCVs’ e-banking services are free of charge
  • opportunity to consult your banking and securities accounts online round the clock 7 days a week
  • opportunity to make payments at all times
  • opportunity to select the exact date when payments are to be made
  • free hotline available
  • free offline payments software


Important advice about secure Internet banking

  • Never leave any written trace of security features (passwords, PINs, codes) or pass them on to third parties.
  • Close all browser windows and start your browser up again before starting your e-banking session. While using BCVs’ e-banking, we advise you not to open any other Websites
  • Only connect to the service via the Bank’s official login pages on which you are asked to provide your identification data.
  • Once your payment and stock-exchange orders have been typed in, check that you had not made any mistakes.
  • Disregard any emails or links that urge you to enter your security details even if the sender would appear to be from your financial-service provider.
  • Always shut down your secure Internet banking session by using the ‘Logout’ function specifically designed for this purpose before you close the browser window. Empty your browser memory cache once your session has been completed.
Naomi Barbaro,

Conseillère clientèle banque directe

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