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Saving Plus account

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Your wishes

  • to make provision for your future by saving over the medium and long terms
  • to benefit from a preferential and progressive rate of return
  • to build up a savings ‘nest-egg’


  • attractive and progressive rate of interest
  • no account-management charges

Preferential rate of interest when the account is opened

First tier : base rate0.025 %
Second tier: base rate + 1/8%0.05 %
Third tier: base rate + 1/4%0.075 %
Fourth tier: base rate + 1/2%0.1 %

Terms & conditions

  • minimum deposit of CHF 5,000.– / maximum deposit of CHF 200'000.- otherwise a different rates (lower) is applied
  • the sliding-scale for interest rates shown above is applied if no withdrawal is made during the year
  • every time money is withdrawn, the interest rate is taken down a tier
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